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The Subtle System

Human beings are born with a subtle system of three energy channels and seven energy centres (chakras). This first mention of this knowledge can be traced back to the ancient scriptures "Vedas" (circa 2000 – 600 BC).

Chakras can be explained as nerve plexuses. On a physical level, they manage the functioning of organs and on a subtle level, they have unique qualities. After self-realisation, the enlightened power of Kundalini balances these chakras and enhances their qualities within us. Our complete subtle instrument is integrated in the Sahasrara chakra which has a thousand petals. When Kundalini reaches and opens this chakra, we can feel the fontanelle bone pulsate and the flow of this pure energy, cool vibrations throughout the system.

With regular meditation practice, the chakras get more nourished and the whole subtle system gets balanced which ultimately leads to mental, physical and spiritual ascent.

The Chakras


7. Sahasrara chakra

Physical manifestation: Limbic area of the brain, Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 1000
Qualities: Joy, thoughtless awareness, union with the Divine, collective consciousness, 

Place on hand: Centre of the palm

6. Agnya chakra

Physical manifestation: Optic chiasma, Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 2, Element: Light
Controls: Pineal body/pituitary gland, eyesight, memory, mind, Qualities: Forgiveness
Place on hand: Ring finger

5. Vishuddhi chakra

Physical manifestation: Cervical plexus, Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 16, Element: Sky/Space/Ether
Controls: Neck, arms, face, tongue, mouth, nose, teeth, thyroid, 

Qualities: Sweetness of communication, diplomacy, collectivity, detachment, self-respect and respect for others, brother/sister relationship, Place on hand: First finger

4. Heart chakra 

Physical manifestation: Cardiac plexus, Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 12, Element: Air
Controls: Heart, lungs, sternum bone, Qualities: Joy, compassion, sense of security, love, responsibility
Place on hand: Little finger

3. Nabhi chakra

Physical manifestation: Navel/Solar plexus, Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 10, Element: Water
Controls: Stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, 

Qualities: Seeking, peace, generosity, satisfaction, pure attention, looking after others, Place on hand: Middle finger

2. Swadisthan chakra 

Physical manifestation: Aortic plexus, Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 6, Element: Fire
Controls: Kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, uterus, intestines, 

Qualities: Creativity, pure attention. pure desire, pure knowledge, Place on hand: Thumb

1. Mooladhara chakra 

Physical manifestation: Pelvic plexus, Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 4, Element: Earth
Controls: Excretion and reproductive organs, Qualities: Innocence, wisdom, fearlessness
Place on hand: Heel of palm

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